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GQ magazine: “…famous for their Streetlevel Espresso, a burly seasonal blend…”

Farms // Candelaria & San Diego Buena Vista

Processing // Wet-Process

Region // Alotenango, Acatenango

Cultivar // Bourbon, Caturra

Elevation // 1500-1700 Meters

Tasting Notes // Butterscotch, Fudge, Meyer Lemon

Cup Characteristics: An alluring and vibrant meyer lemon sweetness washes over the palate from the start, as notes of butterscotch and almond keep the cup weighted. A fudge-like body remains as the finish of amaretto lingers.

Sourcing information: Our latest version of Streetlevel Espresso is made up of two incredible fresh crop coffees from Guatemala.

Finca Candelaria is in the Alotenango region of Guatemala. The Alotenango region is one that only recently has earned its stripes as a full fledged region. Coffees that came from there used to be labeled simply as Antigua because of its close proximity to the old town. Candelaria is one of the reasons that Alotenango has earned its having its own name printed on coffees bags across the world.

Our stunning lot of Candelaria was hand-selected by our green coffee team by cupping through multitudes of day lots from the estate. We chose only late-harvest lots that were filled with dense stone fruit character. These lots come from the highest portion of the farm and are made up of Bourbon and Caturra varieties.

San Diego Buena Vista is a large farm in Acatenango, about an hour drive from Antigua. This farm is home to some of the most expansive views of the Acatenango Volcano, as well as beautiful rows of gorgeous healthy coffee trees. This lot consists of solely Bourbon variety.

Preparation Recommendations: Streetlevel Espresso works perfectly as your everyday espresso or as a brewed coffee. This version we have been liking pulled fast and medium in output.

IN: 19.7g // OUT: 29-30.5g // @23-24s

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