Who we are

Verve Coffee Roasters supports the producers and exporters, roasters and baristas who are paying attention—who are invested in making each cup an authentic, quality experience. They wake up our palates every day to what is possible.

It’s important to us to forge genuine connections to place: Our beachfront neighborhood, where roasting and cupping have joined surfing as daily communal rituals. San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, where coffee culture has come barreling into its own. Places further a field, like Brooklyn, Pittsburgh and Manhattan that have tasted Verve Coffee and come back for more. And of course, coffee farms in remote villages from Costa Rica to Kenya.

Wherever a farmer is bent on growing the best green coffee ever, that’s where Verve Coffee comes from. Everything we do—sourcing, roasting, brewing, educating—is about bringing you that place in a cup. Because coffee should be true.

We spend as much time as possible with the producers who supply our green coffee. Give and take at the source is what ultimately leads to a richer, headier experience for people who love Verve Coffee.

Before we buy green beans, we run sample roasts through several cupping sessions. Then the roast profile refinement begins. We work a 1965 German-made Probat UG 15 roaster at our Seabright roastery. We keep the roasting close to the café to monitor how the coffees perform for our baristas, who help us hone taste profiles and calibrate brewing parameters. Our regular customers know the café is also our lab, and they line up for the experiment. Their feedback keeps us open to exploring where a coffee can go.

But we’re not reckless. We roast by hand and meticulously record everything we do. So we can reproduce what slays us and learn from what doesn’t.

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