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GQ magazine: “…famous for their Streetlevel Espresso, a burly seasonal blend…”

Producer // Various

Processing // Wet-Process

Region // Costa Rica: West Valley

Cultivar // Various

Elevation // 1350-1600 Meters

Tasting Notes // Black Cherry, Frosting, Almond

Cup Characteristics: So round and juicy with notes of creamy black cherry that linger throughout, Costa Rica Streetlevel will have you craving more of the decadent frosting-like sweetness and almond finish.

Sourcing information: Streetlevel Espresso is the epitome of a constant. We keep our sweetest, cleanest, most consistent coffees in it to assure that it always tastes great and remains our customers favorite. 

Costa Rica, as a coffee producing country, is about as constant as you can get. Sweet, clean, consistent yields year to year make Costa Rica it one of the world’s favorite sources for coffee. Streetlevel and Costa Rica were made for each other. 

Our newest iteration of Streetlevel is made up of two spectacular coffees.

The first component comes from the West Valley of Costa Rica; a collection of small producer lots from the Helsar de Zarcero mill. These lots are from Macho Arce, Asdrubal Chavez and Carlos Alpizar, three of our favorite producers for many years now. They each have small farms that grow varieties ranging from Typica to Villalobos. They all process their coffee at the Helsar mill located in relatively close proximity to their farms. 

The second component is a lot from the Finca Licho. Licho is a farm that is owned and managed by the brothers from the Aguilera family. They grow and process their coffees with the utmost care and attention to detail. Their farm is situated at 1550 meters above sea level and grows varieties from Villa Sarchi to Catuai.

Preparation Recommendations:

IN: 19.7-20 GRAMS // OUT: 30-32 GRAMS // @: 24-27 SECONDS

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