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GQ magazine: “…famous for their Streetlevel Espresso, a burly seasonal blend…”

Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Colombia

Region // Tolima, Huila

Cultivar // Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Process // Wet-Process

Elevation // 1600-2100 Meters

Harvest // April-August

Tasting Notes // Cherry Cordial, Caramelized, Orange Zest

Cup Characteristics: The latest iteration of Streetlevel Espresso is filled with the amazing roundness of a perfect cherry cordial as notes of caramelized fruit meld seamlessly with a touch of fresh zested orange.

Sourcing information:

Colombia boasts one of the most diverse landscapes for coffee production in the world. With regions that house a multitude of unique growing climates within a hundred square kilometers, the diversity of flavor profile is enormous.

There is a vein of the Andes Mountains that runs due south from Bogota, this vein leads directly to Tolima and then Huila. It also carries with it one of the most important water sources of Colombia: the Magdalena River.

When the mountains hit the area of Tolima, the majority of the terroir is focused on the valley that the Magdalena River occupies. Our coffee comes from a region here called Gaitania located in the south of Tolima, bordering Huila.

The other coffee is from the southeastern Huila municipality of Acevedo. Situated on an east facing ridge of the mountains, Acevedo is full of tough mountainous terrain and some of the most beautiful coffee farms in all of Huila.

This lot is made up of coffees from a handful of small share holder producers. Their farms range from one hectare in size to four. They process their coffees using motor driven de-pulpers and utilize waterless fermentation before drying on raised beds in greenhouses.

Preparation Recommendations: Streetlevel Espresso works perfectly as your everyday espresso or as a brewed coffee. This Colombia iteration works best with a medium output and pulled just a tad slower.

IN: 19.7g // OUT: 29-30.5g // @23-24s

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