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Producer // Various Small Holder Producers    

Country // Ethiopia

Region // Yirgacheffe-Gedeo

Cultivar // Ethiopia Heirloom

Process // Dry-Process 

Elevation // 1,750-2,400 Meters

Tasting Notes // Mulberry, Curaçao, Molasses    

Cup Characteristics: So juicy and round with wild berry explosions, you’ll fall in love with Worka all over again this year. A sweetness like molasses moves the cup into a finish of dried orange peel. 

Sourcing Information: Our Worka is grown in Southern Ethiopia in the Gedeo District and milled at the Worka Cooperative. This cooperative, which was established in 2005, has 305 members that together, farm a production area of 763 hectares. This dry-processed selection is clean and well-sorted to deliver a consistent and remarkable cup which was aided by the GrainPro it was shipped in. This remarkable one-way permeable barrier aides the potentially long journey from the trees it was harvested from, through the congested shipping yard at Djibouti, and the boat ride here.

Each year the Worka Cooperative hones their ability to process coffee more effectively and efficiently. This year is no exception. The gamble of dry-processing coffee is one that can be fatal for quality if rigid standards are not kept. We have not seen a more precise and methodical approach to the constant turning of the drying coffee cherries than from the Worka Cooperative. The bright florals and juicy fruit tones are even more present than in years past, and you can really see the difference a well-structured approach can make on cup quality. 

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