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Now you can enjoy Streetlevel Espresso as a subscription that comes right to your door every 2 weeks. This subscription lasts for 3 months, and allows you to choose between the 12 or 16 ounce bags. Make your order today, and forget about having to buy coffee for the next 3 months!

As an added bonus, you get the subscription for the normal price of the coffee, but without the shipping charges.

Please note: Subscriptions can only be shipped within the U.S.

Producer // Various

Processing // Wet-Process

Region // Guatemala

Cultivar // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,550 - 1,800 meters

Tasting Notes // Stone Fruit, Zest, Structured

Cup Characteristics: With a profound sweet and fruited flavor of plums and cherries, Streetlevel is boosted by a hint of citrus zest. The mouthfeel is round and structured, ending in a long a prevalent finish of sweet cocoa.

Sourcing information: When new crop coffees from Guatemala start showing up at our warehouse, we know that Streetlevel is about to encounter some familiar faces.

Finca La Florencia is a stunning farm just outside of the Capital in Guatemala. The appellation (a term used to describe a designated area of distinct geographic or flavor specificity) Fraijanes has seen a lot more traction in recent years because of a rise of producers starting to focus on every single detail in the chain in pursuit of growing and processing world-class coffees. With the Pacaya Volcano and the stunning Lake Amatitlan aiding its terroir, Fraijanes is quickly becoming one of our favorite regions in Guatemala.

We cupped through about 70 day-lot samples from Florencia while building the base of Streetlevel this year. The selections of Bourbon from the highest parts of the farm were juicier and more vivid than ever before, and we knew that we were in store for an unbelievable version of Guatemala Streetlevel.

La Folie sits among the slopes of Antigua and is filled with extremely well manicured and beautiful Bourbon trees. Penny Matheu handed over operations of the farm to the Zelaya family (the Zelaya family also operates or owns Santa Clara, Bella Vista and other farms and mills throughout Antigua and beyond) in 2005. The transition has provided both Matheu and the Zelayas with the perfect recipe for success as the quality of their crops has gotten better each year.

Preparation recommendations:

IN: 19.7-20 GRAMS // OUT: 30-32 GRAMS // @: 24-27 SECONDS


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