Santa Clara

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Producer // Ricardo Zelaya

Country // Guatemala

Region // Antigua

Cultivar // Bourbon

Process //  Wet-Process

Elevation // 1600-1850 Meters

Harvest // December-April

Tasting Notes // Coconut, Lemon, Refreshing

Cup Characteristics: Santa Clara is defined by its dense sweetness. Lofty, bright lemon notes create a sparkle that resolves into a fresh coconut flavor, leaving the palate refreshed and clean.

Sourcing Information: Ricardo Zelaya and his family have owned and operated Finca Santa Clara for well into four generations. Not unlike most farms in Antigua, when you walk through the gates of this 25-hectare farm you see the proud display of Antiguan identity. First a beautiful steel sign displaying the words “Genuine Antigua Coffee” and then some of the bags showing their high scores from previous Cup of Excellence competitions.

The dry mill where Ricardo Zelaya takes Santa Clara’s coffee is called Bella Vista, which is run by his cousin Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora. The grandparents of Luis Pedro and Ricardo owned both Bella Vista and Santa Clara as well as a third farm called Carmona. These three entities were distributed to the three children, and now they are managed by Ricardo, Luis Pedro and Maria Zelaya Aguirre. These three Antiguan staples will remain forever linked by ancestral ties, as well as by the impeccable quality they all strive for.

Santa Clara’s estate is just off the main road in Antigua. When you enter the farm there are rows of coffee shrubs across the entire level expanse. This type of estate is very common in Antigua as there is a lot of level ground just off the main roads to have a farmhouse and cultivate large amounts of coffee at about 1500 meters. Santa Clara, however, is perfectly situated just at the base of the Agua Volcano and quickly the altitude increases as the farm progresses straight up the mountain. Ricardo Zelaya planted this lot of Bourbon at the highest section of his farm, which overlooks the beautiful Ciudad Vieja.

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