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Producer // Vicente Rene Andrade

Country // Colombia

Region // Samaniego, Nariño

Cultivar // Colombia, Castillo

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1,643 Meters

Tasting Notes // Melon, Lively, Tropical

Cup Characteristics: Unique and unflinching, tropical fruits like guava and the flesh of a pomelo lead the charge of this truly remarkable cup. The lively acidity keeps the palate awake as a sweet melon finish is left behind.



Sourcing information: 

Colombia has always been one of our favorite origins. The coffees that come from there tend to have a classic flavor profile that is rooted in sweetness above all else. This creates a profound accessibility for these coffees, which is why Colombia has been one of the leaders of the specialty coffee market since the beginning. 

The Colombia Cup of Excellence is one of our favorites to cup the incoming samples. The farms represented are constantly changing because the immensity of the landscape of regions in Colombia. During its last six years the regional breakdown has shifted every single time. From a dominance of Huila to Nariño to a melange of many different regions. 

We cupped the top 30 this year with the intention of bidding on a lot, so we went at it blind. There were certainly a handful of absolutely stunning coffees, but one stood out with each session we finished. Ultimately we put our top 10 onto a final table and chose an overall winner. Our notes were wide-ranging and extremely complimentary to one particular coffee: from notes of jasmine and wildflowers to tropical fruits. When we turned the card over to see what ranking the favorite was, we expected to see a very low number, but when the number 19 stuck out we were very pleasantly surprised. 

The 19th placed coffee was Sancie, which is the name of the farm of Vicente Rene Andrade. This is his first time placing in the Cup of Excellence. His farm is relatively small at 5.4 hectares. He uses mostly family labor and grows the cultivars Colombia and Castillo which are rust resistant.

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