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Producer // Clementino Rodríguez Hernández

Country // El Salvador

Region // Citalá, Chalatenango

Cultivar // Pacamara

Process // Honey-Process 

Elevation // 1,600 Meters

Tasting Notes // Guava, Honey, Effervescent


Cup Characteristics: A beautiful perfumed guava note starts this effervescent and complex offering. Wildflower honey tones bring the finish in softly and completes this cup with finesse.



Sourcing information: Clementino Rodríguez Hernández lives with his family in the densely coffee-filled hills of Chalatenango. His coffee is grown on not so much a farm as his backyard, where he also grows other crops to provide for his family. After pairing with Graciano Cruz and his Hi-U project, Clementino was gifted a hand-cranked pulping machine, so that he could process his coffee himself. It is with this machine that he pulps the around 1,000 pounds of coffee he produces a year. Clementino, like all of the farmers who work with Hi-U, prides himself in the quality of coffee he produces. After the coffee is pulped and set out to dry, it is stored in Grain-Pro bags to ensure it’s freshness upon arrival at our Roastery.

Hernández used to grow corn and and other vegetables with just a little portion of his land devoted to coffee. A few years into a relationship with Hi-U and he has moved to nearly all of his land planted with coffee trees. He also has moved to drying his coffee using the honey-process more and more because he found that the humid weather in Citalá makes the dry-process a little too erratic. This Pacamara lot is one the highest scoring from this year’s crop of Hi-U coffees.

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