San Jose

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Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Colombia

Region // Pedregal - Cauca

Cultivar // Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1,700-1,950 Meters

Tasting Notes // Orange Peel,Brûlée,Complex

Cup Characteristics:  An underlying blanket of sweetness is the true backbone of this coffee. The aromatics and flavor of orange peel coax a ton of complexity out as the lengthy finish settles in.





Sourcing information: Colombia has always been one of our favorite origins. The coffees that come from there tend to have a classic flavor profile that is rooted in sweetness above all else. This creates a profound accessibility for these coffees, which is why Colombia has been one of the leaders of the specialty coffee market since the beginning.

The Andes Mountain range passes through Colombia like a vein. If you follow it across the whole country you will also follow the best areas for coffee production. The further south you go the closer to the Pacific Ocean you go.

San Jose is a small village within the greater region of Pedregal, which is located in the southeast of Cauca. This small lot is the handiwork of seven producers in the area. They all manually de-pulp their cherry using hand-cranked machines and wash their coffee on site.

The isolation and altitude of this area are what make this coffee so unique. Classic Caturra shrubs dominate the growing hills of these farms. The high elevation of the mountains always brings out the best in the Caturra cultivar, and this lot is no different.


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