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Producer // Franklin Madrid

Country // Honduras

Region // El Sauce, Santa Barbara

Cultivar // Yellow and Red Catuai

Process // Wet-Process

Elevation // 1600-1700 Meters

Harvest // January - May

Tasting Notes // Orangeade, Vanilla, Deep

Cup Characteristics: Packed with the refreshing qualities of sparkling orangeade, La Patepluma is accentuated with sweet vanilla and is deep and syrupy. The finish is clean with flavors of lemon zest and caramel.

Sourcing information:

Finca La Patepluma sits high in the foggy region of El Sauce in the greater Santa Barbara region of Southern Honduras. Its trees are short and just maturing. Most were planted within the last 18 months, yet beautiful, ripe cherries are starting to appear. This is marvelous considering how young the trees are. As we walked through the rows of trees, we were struck by the gorgeous bright Yellow Catuai cherries. The taste of the cherries themselves were loaded with tropical fruit flavors, a good sign that the coffee inside will be complex.

Franklin Madrid is a man determined to make connections with the best coffee companies in the world as well as grow the best possible coffee he can. His father has been farming for years now and he has been taking notes and slowly taking ownership of the farms that run in the family. His brother, Esteban Jr. is also a farmer. Madrid’s family is devoted to producing high quality coffees and that is exactly what it has been doing for years. They have placed in the top 10 of the COE numerous times in just the last couple of years.

The processing of this coffee is simple, but refined. A dry-ferment is performed after the skin and mucilage is removed from the seeds, and after a short soaking to remove the excess mucilage. The coffees are dried in solar driers for up to 3 weeks.

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