Elida Green-Tip Gesha

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Producer // Wilford and Thatcher Lamastus

Country // Panama

Region // Boquete

Cultivar // Gesha

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1800 Meters

Tasting Notes // Elderflower, Pineapple, Radiant

Sourcing Information:

The Lamastus family has long been known for producing excellent Catuais at their Elida Estate in the highlands of Panama. The Gesha seeds they planted at 1,800 meters above sea level make them among the highest grown Gesha on the market. After four-and-a-half years of growth, the first Geshas began to produce. As they matured, Thatcher Lamastus saw that his Gesha plants developed a distinguishing trait: the youngest leaves on the end of each branch featured either a bronze tip, or a green tip. Verve's green buyer, Colby Barr, determined that the coffee from the green-tipped plants produced a far superior cup compared to those of the bronze-tipped plants. Subsequently Thatcher Lamastus separated these premium beans, and by doing so, the advent of an entirely new cultivar.

Now, after almost a century of travel and cultivation, this newest selection of Gesha has arrived at Verve Coffee Roasters. We are proud to be part of the history of this award-winning cultivar, and are even more honored that you would join us in its future.



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