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Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Rwanda

Region // Gikongoro

Cultivar // Bourbon

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1,800 Meters

Tasting Notes // Cordial, Floral, Exciting

Cup Characteristics: An exciting and fresh mouthfeel like fresh fruit start this espresso from Rwanda. With notes of deep cherry cordial and floral hues this coffee packs a lasting punch.



Sourcing information: Coffee production is one of the main facets that allowed Rwanda and its people to be able to rebuild after the horrific tragedies during the 90s. The genocide suffered by the country was one of the worst in history, and the fact that a mere 19 years after the killing ended people are beginning to go back to some semblance of normal is nothing short of a miracle.

Rwanda is a country known for having one of the most exciting futures regarding coffee quality. We have seen the quality of samples coming from Rwanda get better with each passing year. Tasting coffees from all over the numerous growing regions has allowed us to nail down exactly what we are looking for, and have come away this year with three exciting offerings from three distinct growing regions.

An hour’s drive from Lake Kivu sits an area called Gikongoro. This area is surrounded by the Nyungwe Forest which is a home to many amazing species of animals and tropical plants. The Nyungwe Forest is a rainforest, which means that Gikongoro is situated perfectly to be a prime growing region in Rwanda.

The Mutovu washing station was just recently erected in 2012. There are only nine farmers that supply coffee to the station’s output, but already the quality shown has been of incredible standards. Coffee provided to this station is grown at up to 1950 meters in the Western end of Rwanda, though it is considerably inland compared to the other washing stations we work with.

Preparation Recommendations: 

IN: 20 GRAMS // OUT: 29-31 GRAMS // @: 26-28 SECONDS

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