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Producer // Graciano Cruz

Processing // Honey-Process

Region // Boquete

Cultivar // Catuai

Elevation // 1,800 - 2,100 meters

Tasting Notes // Berries, Cream, Chocolate 

Cup Characteristics: 

This espresso is loaded with the decadence of berries covered in vanilla ice cream. Thick and chocolatey, the finish is slightly lofted with notes of lemon zest.

Sourcing information: 

Graciano Cruz’s Los Lajones sits in some of the most harrowing peaks and valleys of the Baru Volcano in Boquete, Panama. From altitudes of 1700 all the way up to 2400 meters, his coffee trees are some of the most taken care of in the world. Thousands of lush Catuai trees bursting with ripe cherry in the peak of harvest are a typical sight. 

Los Lajones is named after the intense rock walls that surround the farm; they jut out with impressive stature and look as if they defy gravity. The name is fitting for this farm. 

This lot of Catuai is honey-processed. Cruz has identified and implemented some of the most consistent approaches to honey-processing and has even started his own organization teaching these techniques to farmers in El Salvador, Peru and Ethiopia. 

He dries exclusively on raised beds and has won multiple coffee contests with his technique. 


Los Lajones is packed with berry notes in an espresso and will yield the most sweetness pulled just a little slower. It works great in a cappuccino as well as a brewed coffee. 

IN: 19-7-19.9 // OUT: 27-28g // @27-29s

Download Panama Los Lajones Espresso Bean Bio Here

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