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Producer // Leonisio Castellon

Country // Honduras

Region // San Luis, Santa Barbara

Processing // Wet-Process

Cultivar // Catuai  

Elevation // 1350 Meters

Tasting Notes // Grape, Starfruit, Chewy

Cup Characteristics: A beautiful varietal grape flavor, like Muscat grapes, start the cup as exotic notes of starfruit keep the palate awake. The texture is chewy and the finish will be sweet, a satisfying.

Sourcing Information: Leonisio Castellon has been farming in San Luis, Honduras for 9 years. His sizable farm is just off a main road as you leave the town of San Luis. This is the first year he is putting the effort into to produce specialty coffee. This means that he is separating all of his Catuai from the lower quality Lempira variety. This is more work and creates a lower yield, but the premiums he receives for this lot is well worth the hard work. On top of separating his varieties he is also using less herbicides and rather, picking the weeds in the farm by hand.

This year he built his first solar drier on his farm to dry his coffee. The drier is sophisticated and going to be a perfect accompaniment to his farm. It will allow him to control the speed of his drying even more and produce repeatable results. 

Castellon is devoted to picking only the ripest of cherries and producing the highest quality cup that he can. Like most of Central America, Roya (coffee rust) has been an issue in his area, but he fumigated early and is keeping healthy trees with regular pruning in order to keep the disease at bay.

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