La Perla

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Producer // Diana and Carlos Barrantes

Country // Costa Rica

Region // Lourdes de Naranjo

Cultivar // Villa Sarchi

Process // Honey-Process 

Elevation // 1500 Meters

Harvest // December-March

Tasting Notes // Tangerine, Sugar Cane, Syrupy

Cup Characteristics: Sweetness leads the way for La Perla, while bright tangerine citrus notes define the acidity. This coffee transforms smoothly into a sugary, maple syrup finish that will leave you hoping for more.

Sourcing information: 

The mill, La Perla is located less than a minute walk from the storied Herbazu mill in Lourdes de Naranjo, Costa Rica. The new mill saw its first harvest this year using a multitude of farms from the region.

Diana and Carlos Barrantes decided to take their own capital and build their own mill close by to Carlos' brother's mill (Herbazu) when the potential of all of the nearby farms grew to near capacity for just one milling operation.

The Barrantes family have planted a number cultivars near their mill. This lot consists of Villa Sarchi, which is a variety that was first propagated very close to La Perla, making it an ideal place to grow.

This small lot of coffee is a great introduction to this brand new mill.


Download Costa Rica La Perla Bean Bio Here

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