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Producer // Juan Ramon Alvarado

Country // Costa Rica

Region // San Francisco de Heredia

Cultivar // Villa Sarchi

Process // Honey-Process

Elevation // 1350 meters

Tasting Notes // Grape, Silky, Hazelnut

Cup Characteristics: 

Filled with juicy notes of fresh concord grapes, La Nena is stretched by its silky mouthfeel. The fruit lasts throughout the cup as the finish resolves into sweet hazelnut.

Sourcing information:

Juan Ramon Alvarado started his micro mill, Brumas del Zurqui, in 2004 after studying agronomy at EARTH University. In the early years of his mill he processed some beautiful coffees from his farms Zamora and La Nena, using the wet-process and honey-process methods. He worked using the most repeatable and succinct methods he could utilize, and made sure to take note of everything, especially quality results. As the years went by he ventured into more experimentation, and started to attempt various degrees of the honey-process.

In Costa Rica they perform multiple types of the honey-process. They range from white and yellow honey (nearly all of the mucilage and pulp removed before sun-drying) to red (most common honey across Central America) to black honey (sun dried with all of the mucilage and pulp left nearly intact on the bean).

La Nena is located in the Central Valley,just outside of the the capital city, San Jose between the Barva Volcano and the Poás Volcano. This ridge is home to some amazingly unique coffees.

This lot from La Nena has been processed using the Black Honey style. The added depth and intensity of flavors can be directly associated with the added mucilage and skin drying on the parchment on cement patios. Pairing this approach with picking the cherry at the peak of ripeness has created an impeccably balanced and complex cup.

Juan Ramon Alvarado placed two coffees into the top 12 of the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence this year and we are extremely pleased to be able to work with a farmer who continually strives to better his coffee from each year to the next.


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