La Mina

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Producer // Rodrigo Erazo

Country // Honduras

Region // El Cedral, Santa Barbara

Cultivar // Pacas, Bourbon

Process // Wet-Process

Elevation // 1800 meters

Tasting Notes // Mango, Fudge, Clear

Cup Characteristics: 

A beautiful ripe mango note starts off La Mina with a crisp and assertive start. The body is full like fudge with notes of sweet cocoa as the cup comes to a perfectly balanced finish. 

Sourcing information:

When traveling through the Santa Barbara region of Honduras this year, our guide and friend Benjamin Paz told us of a farm that he wanted us to consider purchasing from. He told us all about how it was the highest farm in the Cedral region and that the farmer has only just begun separating his lots to produce specialty grade, but how the potential was through the roof. We drove from farm to farm talking more about this elusive coffee than about anything else. From each stop along the trip you could look up the slopes of the mountain and see a small dead tree that marked where this farm was. This tree was visible from each location we drove to. The suspense killed us, but the resulting coffee was very much worth the wait. 

Rodrigo Erazo has owned La Mina for over 25 years. He bought the farm from the previous owner from the money he earned while working on the farm more than 30 years ago. There is no one in the world that knows the curvature and lay of the land of La Mina like Erazo does. His knack for farming and ingenious innovations have helped him create a beautifully landscaped farm that is on some of the steepest slopes of the Santa Barbara Mountain.

His entire specialty production was sold to Verve this year. He processes his coffee on his equipment that he has on the premises of La Mina. We are greatly looking forward to building this Farmlevel relationship for years to come.


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