La Colmena

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Producer // Angel Arturo Paz

Country // Honduras

Region // Las Flores, Santa Barbara

Cultivar // Catuai

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1,600 - 1,800 Meters

Harvest // December-May

Tasting Notes // Watermelon, Complex, Tropical

Cup Characteristics: An exciting cup laden with harmonious notes of wartermelon and complex Tropical fruits like guava and pineapple. The flavors roll into sweet dried figs as the cup finishes with a touch a jasmine blossom.

Sourcing information: 

Arturo Paz is one of a handful of very young coffee producers in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras taking aim at producing world-class coffee.

Within years of its inception, Paz’ farm, La Colmena, has blossomed into one of the top producing farms in the entire country, not just his own region. He has placed in the Cup of Excellence for numerous years in a row now.

When speaking with Paz, he told us how he came to the name of his farm, La Colmena. When he was cupping his coffees, he noticed an undeniable likeness to honey in the best lots, and has strived to recreate this flavor in all of his lots. La Colmena translates to “beehive” so he thinks about what he would like to achieve every single day.

His fields of Red and Yellow Catuai, Pacas and Bourbon are perfectly manicured, and he has very high aspirations for his coffee. The reason for this is because his uncle owns the mill where he works full time and also where he processes his coffee. Arturo manages quality and the reception of hundreds of farmers from the region on a daily basis. He sees first hand the successful farmers and those who have trouble bringing high quality coffee. A full time job, a full time farmer and an amazing soccer player to boot. Farmers like Arturo Paz are the reason we have a Reserve Coffee program.

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