La Bendición

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Producer // Ismael Recinos Flores

Country // El Salvador

Region // El Túnel, Chalatenango

Cultivar // Pacamara

Process // Honey

Elevation // 1400 Meters

Tasting Notes // Plum, Basil, Lime Zest

Cup Characteristics: A sparkling and dynamic lime zest is accentuated by the texture and flavors of plum jam. Sweet basil tones compliment as the cup moves into the lengthy finish of caramel. 

Sourcing information: Ismael Recinos hasn’t been a coffee producer his entire life. Before he began growing coffee, his main source of income was from sawing pine. In a decision to change careers, he bought 1.73 hectares of land from his mother and planted coffee for the first time. He now fully dedicates his days to the proper development and maintenance of his crops. With only two workers to help him, Recinos has successfully increased his harvest yield year by year.

Recinos is very aware of the effect that dedicating time and energy to isolate his crop has had on his coffee’s quality. Recinos began honey-processing his coffees instead of washing them. This change happened because washing his coffees would invariably damage the parchment, due to the large size of the Pacamara varieties. Honey-processing kept the parchment intact, and has yielded some of the best coffees produced in Chalatenango.
Recinos' farm La Bendición is becoming one of the top scoring farms in all of El Salvador. His dead set belief of quality above all else has allowed him to reach these heights and we are extremely privileged to be offering his coffees.

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