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Producer // Kochere Cooperative

Country // Ethiopia

Region // Yirga Cheffe

Cultivar // Ethiopia Heirloom

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1750-1900 Meters

Harvest // November-March

Tasting Notes // White Peach, Tropical, Layered

Cup Characteristics: 

A steady stream of stone fruits cascade through this cup, led by massive white peach characteristics. A layered cup with a delicate mouthfeel, Kochere finishes with pleasing tropical aromatics.

Sourcing information: 

Kochere is both a region of Ethiopia within the Yirgacheffe, Sidama zones as well as a cooperative. The coop serves as a place for the farmers who belong to it to have access to the tools needed to produce the best coffee possible. Whether that is information about best growing practices, access to a washing station or new materials, the coop serves as place to connect and unify coffee growers within the Kochere Beloya area.

The Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) is made up of about 44,000 farmers. Most of these farmers grow and process their coffee on small “garden farms” about 1-2 hectares big (this translates to about 2-6 acres). Some of the farmers in this region also raise cattle as a way to have continuous income throughout the year and not just during the coffee harvest.

The processing on this lot is very straightforward. It is de-pulped in a mechanically driven de-pulper and fermented in small tanks for 36-48 hours, or just until all of the parchment is clear of mucilage. The coffee is then dried on raised bed made of wood and wire mesh for 10-12 days.

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