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Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Burundi

Region // Sogestal Kayanza

Cultivar // Bourbon

Process // Wet Process

Elevation // 1880 Meters

Harvest // May-July

Tasting Notes // Jasmine, Cinnamon, Pristine

Cup Characteristics: High aromatics of fresh jasmine blossoms in full bloom lead this incredible cup. Slightly spicy notes of cinnamon sustain an exciting flavor and texture as the coffee finishes clean and balanced.

Sourcing Information: The farmers that deliver cherry to the Kinyovu washing station in Western Burundi grow some of the most amazing coffee in the world. So close to Rwanda you could walk there, Kinyovu is part of Sogestal Kayanza.

Sogestal (Societe de Gestion des Station de Lavage) is
an acronym referring to a group of washing stations. The Kayanza group is widely looked at as being in the upper echelon of coffee quality, with Kinyovu being the shining star. One look at the impeccable prep of this coffee or the cleanliness of the cup and you’ll see why.

Burundi shares a lot of common traditions with Rwanda. For forty years they were part of one nation (Ruanda-Urundi), which ultimately played a large role in the similarities of these two coffee forces. The physical makeup of the countries is similar with rolling hills and valleys dominating the landscape. Just south of the Equator, Burundi is located in the Central African rift, which is why it is one of the highest areas of the entire continent.

This lot is of the Bourbon cultivar and was picked by thousands of small shareholder farmers. The coffees are washed at the Kinyovu washing station using increasingly modern equipment. 

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