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Producer // Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society

Country // Kenya

Region // Kirinyaga

Cultivar // SL-28

Process // Wet-Process

Elevation // 1650 Meters

Harvest // November-March

Tasting Notes // Tangerine, Maple, Pillowy

Cup Characteristics: An assertive and lively tangerine acidity creates the nuance and complexity in Kiangoi. Backed by a wonderful maple flavor and the pillowy consistency of marshmallows, this cup really shines.

Sourcing information:

Along the southern slopes of Mount Kenya a Cooperative society named Rungeto runs three factories: Kii, Karimikui and Kiangoi. These three factories are known across the world as being stellar producers of some of the best coffees coming out of any country, not just Kenya. Rungeto was created in 1953 and given the three high yield factories. It’s entire production rivals some Coops that have many more factories, and they recently hired a third party organization to help them increase the yield three fold over the next few years. So needless to say, the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society is a clear example of excellence. We were fortunate to procure a stunning lot from Kiangoi. The lot is almost entirely of the SL-28 cultivar, which is why it stood out as one of our favorite lots we tasted all year.

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