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Producer // Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society

Country // Kenya

Region // Nyeri

Cultivar // SL-28, SL-34

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1700 meters

Tasting Notes // Apricot, Passionfruit, Elegant

Cup Characteristics: A perennial ringer, Karogoto packs a punch once again this year. Elegant and structured with notes of apricots and tart passionfruit, the cup remains wild into a rich caramel finish. 

Sourcing information:

The Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society is made up of three washing stations (referred  to in Kenya as "Factory"). Tegu, Karogoto and Ngunguru are all relatively larger factories in Central Nyeri. With over 2900 members and an average yearly production of 1.5 million kilograms, Tekangu is a leader in Kenya for exceptional coffees. 

The Karogoto Coffee Factory sits in the foothills of snowy Mt. Kenya. There are nearly 1000 members that bring cherry to the mill. With the average number of trees per farmer being 250, the average amount of land associated with each farmer is about .5 acres. Like most of Kenya, these farmers are referred to as "Small Share Holder Farmers." 

The Karogoto factory processes mainly SL-28 and SL-34 cultivars. The quality of Karogoto is looked at in the industry as some of the highest coming out of Kenya. After wet-processing the cherry the beans are dried on raised beds and sent to the Central Kenya Coffee Mill for storage and to be readied for shipment. 

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