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Producer // Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society

Country // Kenya

Region // Nyeri

Cultivar // SL-28

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1700-1900 meters

Harvest // November-March

Tasting Notes // Citrus Zest, Papaya, Electric

Cup Characteristics: A punctuated and lively acidity create an exciting cup. With notes of mandarin and navel oranges and hints of lime zest and papaya, the palate is loaded with complex fruits. 

Sourcing information:  The Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society has been around for a mere 10 years. Now, they are noted for being one of the premier coops in all of Nyeri. They have members totaling more than 3500. The factories that provide coffee to the coop are Tegu, Karogoto and Ngunguru. 

This lot is a selection of only the finest and ripest cherries delivered to the Karogoto factory. Once received, the coffee is pulped, soaked in water for 36 hours, cleaned, soaked again and then dried on raised beds. This process is very unique to Kenya as it employs the use of a second soaking to build more organic acids as well as create a better equilibrium of moisture throughout the lot.

The Karogoto factory has been prized for its steady stream of spectacular lots year to year. This year is no exception. Karogoto is located just outside of the town of Karatina. The region is noted for having abundant and consistent rainfall patterns. This plus the backdrop of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range provide for the perfect climate to grow exceptional coffee.

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