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Country // Kenya

Farm // Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society

Region // Nyeri

Processing // Wet-Process

Cultivar // SL-28, SL-34

Elevation // 1800-2000 Meters

Tasting Notes // Mango, Juicy, Lavender

Cup Characteristics: Karindundu is juicy like a perfectly ripe mango. The body is a touch heavier but the cup is balanced overall by lavender and a clean finish.

Sourcing Information: The Barichu Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society is located in the province of Karatina in the southeastern stretches of Nyeri. The 4 factories that are a part of the coop are all situated in the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. 

The Karindundu factory has been producing impeccable coffees for years now. Its members are called small share holders because they all bring an allotment of coffee that is blended into a larger lot of coffee. This blend is then separated by size of the bean and given quality analysis. This lot from Karindundu is categorized as an AA lot meaning that is the biggest sized beans. This lot also scored extremely well not the cupping tables. 

The Barichu Coop was formed in 1996 to better serve the farmers in the area. Now, a total of more than 4500 members provide cherry to the four factories: Karindundu, Gatomboya, Karatina and Gaturiri.

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