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Producer // Dafne and Damaris Gallardo

Country // Panama

Region // Piedra Candela, Chiriqui

Cultivar // Caturra, Catuai

Process // Dry-Process

Elevation // 1850-1980 Meters

Harvest // Decemeber-March

Tasting Notes // Berry Compote, Floral, Pristine

Cup Characteristics: Jurotungo is juicy as the day is long. The presence of jammy berries, like elderberry and blueberry keep the mouthfeel full and exciting. A brilliant floral hue remains on the palate after the last sip, leaving behind a pristine finish. 

Sourcing information: Jurotungo is a farm with historic roots in Western Panama. The farm has been thriving since the 1960s when Don José Manuel Gallardo founded it. He planted mainly Catuai and Caturra varieties. A few years in he planted Gesha trees. 

In the 2000s, Gallardo had to abandon his duties on the farm due to health, and left the farm to grow wild. In 2011 the HiU team created an alliance with Gallardo’s daughters, Dafne and Damaris, to restart work on the farm and reinvigorate the amazing possibilities that sit at 1900 meters in Western Panama. 

The past couple of years has seen an increase in production and quality each year. This year’s crop showed a beautiful consistency and cleanliness. 

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