House Blend


Verve Coffee


Region // Latin America

Cultivar // Various

Processing // Wet-Process 

Tasting Notes // Balanced Acidity, Creamy Body, Baker's Chocolate

Cup Characteristics:

With a round, creamy body, this coffee is classically sweet and balanced.  Chocolate is the forerunner, though some citrus notes come through as the cup cools.

Sourcing Information:

Our House Blend consists of very high grown, sweet coffees from Latin America. We look for very drinkable, delicious coffees to make up this balanced and uniform blend.

Preparation and Recommendations:  

The House Blend will perform well on all batch brewers, pour-over bars as well as the press pot. This is a please-all coffee and a good introduction to Verve for someone coming from a darker coffee heritage.

Download House Blend Bean Bio Here

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