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Producer // Various

Country // Various

Region // Latin America, East Africa

Cultivar // Various

Process //  Wet-Process

Elevation // Various

Tasting Notes // Fig, Ginger Snap, Cheer

Cup Characteristics: 

Warm and inviting with notes of fresh figs drizzled with honey. The flavor develops from sweet to slightly spicy like a beautiful ginger snap cookie, in all, Holiday Blend is filled to the brim with cheer.

Sourcing information: 

The coffees we have put together in Holiday Blend have a range of flavors that perfectly suits this time of year: diverse, harmonious and seasonal. 

When done right, the Holiday season leaves us with a sense of overflowing connectedness and hope. We refresh from our busy lives by gathering with those we love or getting away for a few days. We allow ourselves to take it all in for the first time in months. 

Holiday Blend is designed to catch you up on all that you've missed throughout the year. Three extraordinary micro lots have been blended to give you a balanced and exciting look into our diverse lineup of coffees from the Northern Hemisphere. 

The components are: From the Helsar del Zarcero mill in the West Valley of Costa Rica, a lot from Carlos Alpizar that adds dimension and sweetness. Our single farmer Ethiopia lot Birhanu develops subtle nuances of ginger and raisin, and from Kenya a small lot from the Muthuthiini factory. 

Wherever you find yourself during these next few months, make sure you take some time to sip on a cup of our Holiday Blend and reflect on all of your favorite coffees from Verve Coffee Roasters. 

Preparation Recommendations:

Holiday Blend thrives in both brewed and espresso format. We recommend sipping on a sturdy cup, as well as pulling shots to accentuate the incredible sweetness. Add milk to highlight the ginger snap. 

IN: 19.7-19.9g // OUT: 28-29.5g // @:23-25s


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