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Producer // Asdrubal Chavez

Country // Costa Rica

Region // Llano Bonito de Naranjo

Cultivar // Caturra

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 1715 meters

Tasting Notes // Melon, Berry, Syrupy

Cup Characteristics: Tropical aromatics give way to a luscious melon sweetness. This coffee is loaded with notes of fresh berries and a sweetness like brown sugar all in a syrupy body. 

Sourcing information:

Helsar de Zarcero is one the most amazing mills in the world. The pursuit of excellence in every practice is a cornerstone of their business, and it shows every single time we taste their coffees. The two main facets of Helsar’s success are the owner, Ricardo Perez and their ability to work with many small scale farmers in the West Valley of Costa Rica. The area around the city of Zarcero is populated with many coffee producers, and those without their own milling equipment utilize the Helsar mill. This means that the many incredible farmers can have their coffees expertly processed, and that Helsar has access to many producers’ coffees.  

Verve has worked with Asdrubal Chavez for the past few years.  His coffees have been a consistent staple. His farm is a mere 4 hectares, which is fairly standard for small producers in Costa Rica. This lot is strictly Caturra grown at just over 1700 meters. 

This lot was vacuum-packed in order to keep as much of the incredible structure of this coffee as possible. 

The relationship between Helsar and Chavez has always been a no-brainer. Chavez’ house is roughly a 100 foot walk down the road as his farm sprawls down the foothills. His very well manicured farm has views of Helsar from with in the rows of trees. 

As well, the relationship between Chavez and Verve has always been a no-brainer too. Every year when we have been choosing coffees to buy from Costa Rica we taste everything blind, and every single year we fall in love with multiple lots from Asdrubal Chavez’ farm. 


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