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Producer // Finca Genesis

Country // Costa Rica

Region // Lourdes de Naranjo

Cultivar // Caturra

Process // Wet-Process

Elevation // 1650-1700 meters

Tasting Notes // Caramel, Nectar, Cherry

Cup Characteristics: A nectar-like sweetness and complexity start this cup as notes of caramel remain throughout. A distinct and assertive cherry flavor guides Genesis into a sustained finish.

Sourcing information: 

 For years we have bought exceptional coffees throughout the Lourdes de Naranjo region of the West Valley in Costa Rica. The climate to grow coffees is impeccable and the site was one of the first to adopt to the micro-mill revolution that took place a decade ago. This all leads to there being a wealth of great farmers, farms and coffees to align ourselves within the region. One farm, though, has seemingly alluded us as we pursued its neighbors Los Manantiales and Vista al Valle. This farm, Finca Genesis. For years now we have driven past its gates with bated breath, waiting for our chance to see the epic beauty inside. 

Oscar and Olga Mendez have owned and operated Finca Genesis for some years now. They have created a farm that produces some of the cleanest, most quintessential Costa Rican coffees in the whole country. When they built their micro-mill the quality saw an immediate move up and they haven’t slowed down since. 

One of the notable things about most coffee farmers in Costa Rica is that they have to learn to become an expert in growing their coffee as well as processing their coffee, because most farmers own their own de-mucilagers and process their own coffee. This means they need that much more help on their farm to monitor every single detail of the production, because if something goes wrong, they are the only ones to take a hit. 

This lot from Finca Genesis is strictly Caturra variety and grown at 1650-1700 meters above sea level. The grounds of the farm are extremely well-manicured and taken care of. If appearance of a farm alone made great coffee, this lot would be the cream of the crop. Fortunately, the Mendez family take just as good care of their coffee trees as they do their flowers and ornamental plants.


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