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Producer // Konga Cooperative

Country // Ethiopia

Region // Yirga Cheffe

Cultivar // Ethiopia Heirloom

Process // Wet-Process 

Elevation // 2100 meters

Tasting Notes // Passion Fruit, Lavender, Graceful

Cup Characteristics: Intense tropical fruit flavors are just the beginning of this coffee. As layers of passion fruit, mango and guava are highlighted by lavender, a creamy mouthfeel presents itself. This balance of vivid attributes is nothing short of graceful.

Sourcing information: The Konga Cooperative is one of 22 members of the Yirga Cheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.They boast approximately 2000 members, meaning there are 2000 farmers who distribute parchment coffee to the Coop. Those farmers bring cherry to a local washing station close to their farm and it is processed there. After drying, the parchment is collected and brought to Konga for collection and to be readied for export.

The Konga Cooperative has long been a staple of our washed-Ethiopia lineup. The intense citric and floral attributes keep us wanting more every year. And while most years this coffee comes from a selection of the best lots that the Coop sees during the harvest, this year we have something just a little more traceable.

In pursuit of the best coffee possible, a single washing station member of Konga was isolated for employing stringent attention to detail and extremely ripe coffee cherry delivery. As an experiment, this station was isolated and milled separately to see if the production would be heightened. The result is a coffee that is filled with concentrated flavors and extremely electric citric tones. The experiment was a success, to say the least. Ethiopia is filled with spectacular coffees, but this coffee certainly stands as a gem amongst the rest.


Download Ethiopia Konga Bean Bio Here

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