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Producer // Wilford and Thatcher Lamastus

Country // Panama

Region // Boquete

Cultivar // Catuai

Process //  Dry-Process

Elevation // 1670-1870 Meters

Harvest // January-May

Tasting Notes // Fig, Huckleberry, Enveloping

Cup Characteristics: A rounded note of fig starts this immaculate cup as flavors of sweet and tart huckleberry keep it lofted. An enveloping body balances these traits as the finish of custard remains well after the last sip.

Sourcing Information: Robert Lamastus founded Elida Estate in the early 1900s. While working on the Panama Canal he fell head over heels for the country, specifically Boquete. The estate is now under the supervision of his grandson Wilford, who has spent his whole life turning Elida into one of the most well-respected farms in the producing world.

During harvest season a very unique weather pattern turns Boquete into one of the most intense and magnified microclimates in the coffee-producing world. They call it “Bajareque” (Bah-Ha-Reh-Kay). Since Boquete is located in the Eastern portion of the Talamanca mountain range (specifically on the Eastern peak of the Baru Volcano), a mist accumulates around the city when a cold front is present along the coast of Florida. During winter, that mist turns from light to strong rains because of the addition of moisture on the Pacific coast side. The Bajareque absorbs the whole landscape with an immense fog. As it rolls in, you can see the farmers greet it with smiles, because the fog allows for stronger and longer maturation of the cherries, which in turn has helped create the lore of coffees from Boquete.

The Catuai grown at Elida Estate is some of the healthiest looking we have seen. The trees boast so much color and new growth that you can tell just by looking at them, that they will amaze. This lot is 100% Catuai, dry-processed on patios. The attention to detail on drying and constant experimentation being undertaken at Elida is why the clarity in the cup is so consistent.

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