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Producer // Maria Lidia Rodriguez Chacon

Country // El Salvador

Region // Citalá, Chalatenango

Cultivar // Bourbon

Process // Honey-Process

Elevation // 1700 meters

Tasting Notes // Amaretto, Apple, Sparkling

Cup Characteristics: 

Warm and inviting like the flavors and aroma of Amaretto, La Arada is loaded with sweet apple notes that lend a sparkling hand to this pleasing coffee.

Sourcing information:

Maria Lidia Rodriguez Chacon has owned and operated La Arada for the last several years, but has been farming for most of her adult life. She grew up watching her father farm coffee. Coffee farming is in her blood. 

La Arada was one of 500 or so farms that took part in a project a few years back that helped individual farmers with small production learn to process their own coffee and not have to rely on local scavengers buying their coffee cherry. This meant that for the first time, they could have a hand in every step of the final product that was sold to the world.  This project taught farmers the techniques of honey-processing and dry-processing, which allowed for a sustainable approach to their production as well as freed them from relying on the poor quality of water that is available to them, if water is even readily available. 

Maria and her husband, Cristobal, have had so much success with their coffee and this project that they have gotten their neighbors, who also grow coffee, to let them process their production as well. This has opened up an entirely new realm for all of these farmers, as they are now receiving premiums for the extremely high quality they are producing. 

This lot is made up of the cultivar Bourbon and is honey-processed. By far the biggest lot we bought from El Salvador this year, we are very delighted that it is also one of the best. 


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