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Producer // José Benigno Dera Villanueva

Country // El Salvador

Region // Citalá, Chalatenango

Cultivar // Pacamara

Process // Honey-Process 

Elevation // 1450 Meters

Harvest // January-March

Tasting Notes // Honey, Raspberry, Deep

Cup Characteristics: A deep rooted sweetness that is reminiscent of fresh-from-the-hive honey with a stunning raspberry note that allows the acidity to stay lofted and present throughout.

Sourcing information: 

This honey-processed Pacamara is grown at 1450 meters, in Citalá, Chalatenango. It was produced by José Benigno Deras Villanueva, who is one of the smaller scale farmers that Hi-U works with.

His production remains small even into the fourth year we have been working with Benigno. His farm is tucked away on the Western mountaintops of Chalatenango. Benigno is producing some of the more lively, characteristic Pacamara in all of Central America.


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