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Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Ethiopia

Region // Yirgacheffe

Process // Wet-Process

Cultivar // Ethiopia Heirloom

Elevation // 1800-2000 Meters

Harvest // November-March

Tasting Notes // Kumquat, Caramel, Hibiscus

Cup Characteristics: A tangy and invigorating mix of fresh kumquat flavors and hibiscus iced tea make for a very complex cup that is guided by a caramel body and finish.

Sourcing Information: Yirgacheffe is a very special place, with a history and tradition of coffee that runs as long as the name Yirgacheffe has been around. From wild coffee growing in forests, to the more recent cultivated farms, coffees from this specific terroir are prized for being possibly the best in the world.

The reason behind this is extremely dynamic. Start with the sheer number of cultivars being grown, from Typica to hundreds of other heirloom varieties with natural flavors ranging from chocolate to stone fruits to wildflower, this provides for a complexity of flavors, but also a diversity of each hectare of land that could be growing hundreds of different types of coffee. Add on top of that the dry, arid climate with cascading peaks and harrowing cliff faces that create a backdrop for some of the densest coffee beans in the world. Yirgacheffe is simply special.

This lot comes from one single washing station (Aricha) in the Idido Valley of southern Yirgacheffe where hundreds of farmers provide cherry from the farms within relative vicinity of the mill. It is a mix of numerous heirloom varieties and processed using the wet-process method. Post-fermentation, the coffee is dried on raised beds.

Download Ethiopia Aricha Bean Bio Here

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