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Now you can enjoy Sermon Espresso as a subscription that comes right to your door every 2 weeks. This subscription lasts for 3 months, and allows you to choose between the 12 or 16 ounce bags. Make your order today, and forget about having to buy for the next 6 months!

As an added bonus, you get the subscription for the normal price of the coffee, but without the shipping charges.

Please note: Subscriptions can only be shipped within the U.S.


Farms // Joao de Campos, Bella Vista, Kebado

Region // Alto Paranaba, La Palma, Sidamo

Processing // Dry-Process, Wet-Process

Cultivar // Catuai, Ethiopian Heirloom, Bourbon

Elevation // 1,200-1,800 Meters

Tasting Notes // Fresh Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Balanced

Cup Characteristics: The Sermon is our fruit forward and heavy bodied espresso. A fresh, lighty tart blueberry and coffee cherry up front, with dark chocolate in the finish. These flavor characteristics blend incredibly well in milk drinks making a cappuccino with The Sermon decadent and dessert-like.

Sourcing Information: Sermon has always been a new take on an old classic. A round body, heavy chocolate notes, and berry sweetness are what we consistently strive for. We taste dozens of offerings each season to find the perfect combination to achieve this end. This season, we present a three bean blend hailing from Central America and Africa. Jọo de Campos, a dry-processed Yellow Catuai from Brasil, offers a sturdy body and sturdy background, while Kebado, from Sidamo, provides the intense berry notes. Balancing out these extremes is Bella Vista, which is a remarkably clean wet-processed Bourbon from El Salvador thatbridges the gap between the Jọo and Kebado. Together they yield an espresso that is both exciting and approachable.

Preparation Recommendations:The Sermon excels on a wide variety of espresso machine types (including the old-school, vintage lever machine types). We use a relatively standard approach on our more modern equipment; 20 grams in, 24-26 seconds, yeilding 17-18 grams (about 1.25oz). Some folks also like to use the blend on their coffee brewer or press pot for a deep cup.

IN: 20-20.5 GRAMS // OUT: 20 GRAMS // @: 23-25 SECONDS

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