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The perfect set up for someone who wants to make hand crafted pour-over coffee for more than one person. 


The 6 cup Chemex has a 30oz capacity and functions as it's own built in decanter so it's ideal for making coffee for your family, dinner gatherings, or just you and your friends before the morning surf session.
The Baratza Encore sports an industrial style conical burr set for a uniform grind every time and 40 possible grind adjustment settings. 
It's easy adjustment makes it a snap to dial in all of your brewing devices as well as your Chemex. 


The Escali Arti scale makes sure your coffee and water weights are spot on so you can easily produce consistently delicious results.
To make sure your water delivery is accurate and with the perfect flow rate the Bonavita Electric Kettle is your best friend. With a brushed stainless steel finish and an ultra fast sub-three minute boil time this is the last kettle you'll ever have to buy.


To get you set off on the right foot we've included a box of filters, a 12oz bag of our roasters choice Latin American coffee, and two VCR Roastery Mugs.
Includes: 6 Cup Chemex, Baratza Encore Grinder, Chemex Filter Pack, Escali Arti Digital Scale, Bonavita Electric Kettle, 2 Verve Roastery Mugs, and 12oz. Bag of Verve beans.

Brew Specs:20grams of coffee for every 300grams of water. (20/300 = 1 cup of coffee)
Upgrade your grinder to the Baratza Virtuoso, or the Baratza Vario for an addtional cost.

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