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Producer // Various Small Producers

Country // Rwanda

Region // Karongi District

Process // Wet-Process

Cultivar // Bourbon

Elevation // 1740 Meters

Harvest // May-July

Tasting Notes // Ginger, Apricot, Lively

Cup Characteristics: Gitesi has an enlivening spirit, filled with bright and spicy notes of ginger and lemon. The flavor of apricot helps bring a lush and clean finish.

Sourcing Information: Coffee production is one of the main facets that allowed Rwanda and its people to be able to rebuild after the horrific tragedies during the 90s. The genocide suffered by the country was one of the worst in history, and the fact that a mere 20 years after the killing ended people are beginning to go back to some semblance of normal is nothing short of a miracle.

Rwanda is a country known for having one of the most exciting futures regarding coffee quality. We have seen the quality of samples coming from Rwanda get better with each passing year.

Gitesi is about 7 miles from the Northern shores of Lake Kivu. A gigantic fresh water lake on the Western border of Rwanda, Kivu is known for its high presence of carbon dioxide and infrequent limnic eruptions (a rare natural disaster where build-ups of carbon dioxide cause sudden eruptions). Gitesi is in a valley with ridges reaching up to 300 meters above it. The nearly 1900 farmers that produce coffee for Gitesi are rewarded for exemplary quality each year by the station. Bourbon seeds were distributed to farmers in Rwanda years ago, and now the classic flavor characteristics of Bourbon have become synonymous with Rwandan coffee.

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