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Food Republic - Coffee Power Rankings

January 24 2013
 Food Republic ranks Verve Coffee Roasters as one of their favorite craft roasters of the year. Check it out her...

NY Times - Learning to Create the Perfect Cup of Coffee

January 01 2013
We had the pleasure of doing a training session with New York Times reporter Matt Richtel.  He wrote a great art...

Fresh Cup Magazine

May 03 2012
Back in February, Fresh Cup Magazine wrote a great article about Verve.  Here's a link to the PDF version. 

Santa Cruz Sentinel Front Page // SWRBC 2012

March 12 2012
Having the SWRBC right here in Santa Cruz was everything we hoped it would be.  We have an amazing town and comm...

LA Weekly // SWRBC Coverage

March 12 2012
LA Weekly wraps up the SWRBC with an article about the finalists for both the Brewer's Cup and Barista Competition th...

VCR Sprudgie Award for 2011 - Notable Roaster

January 23 2012 is the place people go for news in the specialty coffee industry, so we are completely humbled and excite...

SF Weekly

November 21 2011
Colby did an interview with SF Weekly last week talking about the importance of great customer service to go along wi...

NY Times Blog | Santa Cruz Comes to Queens

April 27 2011
VCR was featured today in an article by Oliver Strand of the NY Times.  He writes about our awesome new wholesal...

VCR in The LA Times Food Blog

March 09 2011
The Los Angeles Times Food Blog covered this year's South West Regional Barista Competition.  Verve was mentione...